About Sans Soucis

 Since its creation in 1939 in Baden-Baden, Germany, SANS SOUCIS has inspired loyal customers around the world. In the 1950’s, the privately-owned German cosmetic line developed ground-breaking anti-ageing skin care products using 'soluble collagen' and has consistently impressed the cosmetic world with innovative, effective and caring formulations.

Precious thermal spring water from Baden-Baden supports skin's vitality and well-being the natural way and all products are dermatologically tested.



Sans Soucis celebrates 75 years of cosmetic competence. Peach Blossom Crème, the first care product from Sans Soucis, is now available in a revised, modern formulation and celebrates its comeback.

  • 2012 - SANS SOUCIS offers certified natural cosmetics
  • 2011 - SANS SOUCIS looks fresher and trendier - the skincare and colour cosmetics are launched in a new design
  • 2010 - The fountain is removed from the logo - new lines and packagings are developed
  • 2009 - SANS SOUCIS is celebrating it’s 70th birthday this year
  • 2007 - SANS SOUCIS is the world’s first cosmetic manufacturer to employ the Renovage ingredient – in its PRE-AGE series RenovAgeStop
  • 2007 - Relaunch of the color cosmetics range – with a modern “face” and high quality packaging
  • 2006 - Revision of the entire skin care range – introduction of a color-coding system for the individual lines
  • 2005 - SANS SOUCIS positions itself as an entry-level brand in retail outlets.
  • 1997 - Exclusive use of genuine thermal spring water from Baden-Baden. The water is gradually integrated in all the skin care products
  • 1986 - Introduction of the innovative 2-phase moisture concentrate DEEP MOIST DEPOT
  • 1980 - Worldwide pioneer of the novel Repair Complex ingredient – which for the first time prevents light-induced skin aging at the root
  • 1970 - World’s first use of soluble collagen
  • 1967 - A consistent series system is introduced for SANS SOUCIS products, arranged by skin type and condition
  • 1950 - The color cosmetics now follow the first skincare products
  • 1948 - The first exhibition in Frankfurt
  • 1939 - Company founder Walter Friedmann develops the first color cosmetic products in his private laboratory